The Ceccaldi cutlery

A family business

The company was founded by Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi in 1978. He was then joined by his son Simon. Throughout its creations, the company has been able to acquire a strong reputation, while remaining both modern and authentic.

A unique know-how

When hands craft

From the design to the final crafting of a knife, many work techniques are used — the processing of steel, of course, but also that of wood, horn, or precious metals. It is the combination of these particular techniques that gives Ceccaldi knife-makers this unique know-how.

The perfect mastery
of the art

The quality of Ceccaldi knives comes from the particular care given to each step of the manufacturing process. The aesthetics and the ergonomics of the lines, the choice of materials, the heat treatment of the steels until the final sharpening — it is the perfect mastery of all these steps that allows the Ceccaldi company to offer lifetime warranties to all the items going out of the workshop.

Maintaining your knife

Our maintenance tips

Ceccaldi knives have a lifetime guarantee. However, to take advantage of this guarantee, you need to follow the maintenance tips below, and of course never put the knives in the dishwasher.