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Orders are validated as soon as we receive them on our server. They become effective, and are processed upon reception of your payment. To place an order, buyers must agree unconditionally to these general terms and conditions. 


Upon placing your first order, you will need to register so we can ship the product(s) you ordered. It will also allow us to keep you informed on our products, update your account, and offer you member discounts. All information shall remain strictly confidential, and will not be exchanged or sold. All information provided to Coutellerie Ceccaldi via its website is governed by the 78-17 French Data processing and Civil liberties Law of January 6th, 1978.


1. credit card.

Payments are processed by our partner Banque Populaire-Cyberplus, on their banking server ; which means that none of your banking details transit via our site Credit card payments are therefore entirely secured. Your order will be registered and validated as soon as your payment is accepted by our partner, Banque Populaire-Cyberplus.

2. cheque.

We only accept cheques issued by a bank domiciled in Continental France. Your order remains valid for ten days. If we have not received your cheque within those ten days, your order will be cancelled. Upon validation of your cheque, your order will be shipped. Cheques must be written to the account of Ceccaldi Créations.

3. bank transfer.

Your order will be saved for twelve days. If your payment has not been confirmed by our partner, Banque Populaire, within ten days we will be forced to cancel your order without any compensation.

4. post office transfer.

To be sent to our address:  Coutellerie Ceccaldi  15 rue racine  75006 Paris


The customer certifies Coutellerie Ceccaldi that he/she has the required authorizations to use the payment method chosen by him/her, upon validation of the purchase order. Coutellerie Ceccaldi has the right to put on hold the processing of any order and delivery, if the certified institutions do not authorize the credit card payment or if the order has not been paid. Coutellerie Ceccaldi has established a system to verify the orders and ensure that no one is using someone else's banking details without them knowing. However, the customer must know that Coutellerie Ceccaldi shall not be held liable in the event of any embezzlement or fraudulent use of any payment method undetected by the verification process. Coutellerie Ceccaldi remains the sole owner of the products sold until all the amounts payable by the customer have been paid, including fees and taxes.


The characteristics, dimensions, and specifications of the items offered by Coutellerie Ceccaldi on their website are provided as a guide. They are subject to change without notice, whether as a result of technical developments and/or modifications made by us or our suppliers. The descriptions and pictures of the items are not contractual and can be changed without notice.


Our knives are covered by a lifetime warranty if used for their intended purpose, and maintained appropriately.

This warranty does not cover:

Items that have been washed in the dishwasher or left in a humid environment. Items which have been taken apart. Damage due to oxidization. Damage due to improper use. Damage due to modifications or repairs by a third party other than Coutellerie Ceccaldi. For returns, please use the following address:  Ceccaldi Créations  Les échoppes  20166 Porticcio


We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. The valid price for the order is the price shown and accepted by the customer upon validation of his/her order. All our prices are in Euros, and include taxes for Continental France and the European Union. Prices do not include taxes for countries outside the European Union.


Article L121-16 of the French consumer code: The customer has seven complete days to return the item(s) and be reimbursed without penalty. However, the shipment costs for the return of the item(s) ordered will be paid by the customer. The goods must be returned in their packaging and in their original condition, and must be unused. A cheque for the amount of the returned item(s) minus the delivery costs will then be sent to you within fifteen days after your return has been accepted.


The items on offer are in compliance with the French legislation. Coutellerie Ceccaldi may not be held liable in case of non-compliance with the legislation in the country of delivery. It is your responsibility to check with the local authorities if the items you wish to order can be imported or used in your country. All country-specific taxes (Customs duties, AVT, and other taxes) are paid by the customer. Returns for non-payment of Customs duties will not be accepted.


All disputes will be submitted to the Tribunal de commerce de Paris (commercial court of Paris). Coutellerie Ceccaldi reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions at any time.


Corporate name: SARL Ceccaldi Créations  Enseignes Ceccaldi Coutellerie

Legal status and capital stock: S.A.R.L (limited liability company) with a capital of 1000€

Name of the person in charge: Simon Ceccaldi  

Head Office : 15 rue Racine  Postal code: 75006 City: Paris Country: France

Offices / Business premises: 15 rue Racine 75006 Paris

Phone + 33 (0) 146338720

Fax + 33 (0) 146338720



Business hours 9am-12am and 2pm-7pm

AVT in the UE FR60493132302

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