cuisine polyvalent 26 cm


cuisine polyvalent 26 cm


Carbon steel

In the course of time, this steel will oxidise and take on a greyish patina. Its advantage is that it can be easily sharpened, which is important when choosing a day-to-day knife. Be careful: it is more demanding to maintain carbon steels than stainless steels.

It is compulsory to clean the blade after using it. It can be cleaned under water but it needs to be dried immediately after, and put away from humidity. If you do not use your knife frequently, remember to oil the blade before putting the knife in a dry place.

Olive wood

The olive wood that the Ceccaldi company uses is dry and healthy. It has a fair, moderately intense colour, with brown veins. It will form a patina over time. To maintain olive wood, it is crucial not to plunge the handle into water. It is also necessary to oil the handle, once or twice a year, with camellia or olive oil for instance.

Carbon steel kitchen knife, total length 26 centimeters, dimensions ideal for cutting vegetables, meats or cold cuts. Kitchen knives are made of carbon steel, this one will, over time, oxidize. It has the advantage of being on the alert very easily, which means that you always have a knife ready to provide the best service. These knives are cutting knives, they should not be used for other purposes.

Maintaining your knife

Our maintenance tips

Ceccaldi knives have a lifetime guarantee. However, to take advantage of this guarantee, you need to follow the maintenance tips below, and of course never put the knives in the dishwasher.