Stainless steel

The perk of stainless steel is that it is easier to maintain than carbon steel, which is ideal for table knives or occasional pocket knives. Sharpening it is less easy, so it needs to be done more often, before the blade becomes blunt. You will thus ensure the sharpness of the blade throughout the lifetime of the knife. It can definitely be cleaned with water.

Walnut wood

The walnut wood that the Ceccaldi company uses is dry and healthy. It has a brown, moderately intense colour, with dark brown to black veins. It will form a patina over time. To maintain walnut wood, it is crucial not to plunge the handle into water. It is also necessary to oil the handle, once or twice a year, with camellia or olive oil for instance.

The Missia was created by Simon Ceccaldi in homage to the Corsican grandfather (Missia means grandfather in southern Corsica). Model of intermediate size between the vendetta and the zoza it fits perfectly in a pocket or bag and keeps a length of blade sufficient for all the uses of daily life. The locking system for the Missia is a forced notch, it is fully mounted using stainless steel screws

Maintaining your knife

Our maintenance tips

Ceccaldi knives have a lifetime guarantee. However, to take advantage of this guarantee, you need to follow the maintenance tips below, and of course never put the knives in the dishwasher.