Our workshop




As cutlers and blacksmiths, the craftsmen of Coutellerie Ceccaldi master all cutlery disciplines. From design to knife-making, they use a wide range of techniques. Our cutlers' expertise is interdisciplinary, and encompasses numerous techniques that allow them to work not only with steel, but also wood, horn, and precious metals. Moreover, throughout their career, Ceccaldi cutlers continue experimenting with new techniques, and new materials. This comprehensive training gives each cutler a unique skill set.



Forging is without doubt the most representative skill of the cutler. During this process, the steel is heated to a high temperature to make it malleable, and allow the cutler to shape it into a thin blade. This technique is not the only one used by our cutlers ; most often, the blades are cut out from steel slabs or bars, following a drawing or an original template, and then ground down in order to  engrave the steel – a process called “grinding”. Then follows a critical step: quenching. This process involves putting the rough-shaped blades in the oven at a temperature of 840° for carbon steel, and 1040° for stainless steel, and then immediately cooling them either in oil or in the air for stainless steel. The blades are then put in the oven again at a much lower temperature for an hour in order to loosen the steel and make it less fragile. The hardness and the sharpness of each knife made in the Ceccaldi workshops depend on the technical mastery of these processes.

Once these blades have been soaked, they are ground again, and then polished before sharpening.

The handles are entirely made by hand from raw wood logs or blocks ; the wood is dried for months before it can be used. It is then sawed and shaped using abrasive strips. The ram horns are used for their natural look. They are straightened, and then cooked in oil, after which they are ready to be mounted on the knives handles. Always searching for new ideas, Coutellerie Ceccaldi also works with less traditional materials, such as carbon fibre, aluminium, coloured bone, and stabilised wood.

With their craftsmanship, Ceccaldi cutlers produce authentic knives with great character. This extra touch makes every knife a unique piece. Please note that the pictures found on this website represent only a few of the many models manufactured in our workshops.